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Bed Bug Detection Experts

Inspecting Your Property for Infestation

Stop the spread of infestation with early detection. Our dogs will show exactly where the problems exist so that rooms can be isolated and treated. Regular checks with our dogs will help housing authorities, hotels, apartments, assisted living communites and commercial buildings keep these pests at bay. Even the individual homeowner may want confirmation of a bed bug problem, before thousands are spent on extermination. We are not an extermination provider, therefore eliminating any conflict of interest.

Why Hire a Bed Bug Inspector?

Dealing with pesky bed bugs in your property may be a little tricky, especially given their small size. With their ability to hide in inaccessible and inconspicuous places, bed bugs are relatively harder to locate than most pests and insects. Leave the search for bed bugs to a trusted and nationally certified bed bug inspector like On Point Canines. With the help of our bed bug scent detection dogs, we can easily pinpoint the nesting sites of bed bugs in your property.

Schedule a Bed Bug Inspection Service

Before calling your pest control specialist for a bed bug treatment, hire On Point Canines for a bed bug inspection service. By conducting a thorough bed bug inspection, we can provide your pest exterminator with information which can make the bed bug treatment process quicker, more effective, and often, less costly! To schedule an inspection or a consultation, call us today. We inspect homes, apartment complexes, assisted living communities, office spaces, hotels, college dormitories, and a variety of other places where bed bugs may exist.

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